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Jeunesse Longevity TV – Episode 15 – The Luminesce Serie / Part 2

Hello everyone and therefore welcom to Jeunesse Longevity TV! Welcome to this new series devoted to the Luminesce line of products  – The Luminesce series! Why has Jeunesse developed the Luminesce brand? It all began 6 years ago in Beverley Hills, California. This is first and foremost the story of a friendship between two men: Randy Ray, one of our co-founders, and Dr Nathan Newman, a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist. Randy, the visionary, satisfies Nathan, the pioneer-discoverer: a match made in heaven; It’s already been six years. And this to be the beginning. Dr Newman was already famous for his „Stem cell Lift“, a cosmetic procedure which takes abdominal fat, extracts its stem cells and reinjects them into the same patient, on their look or anywhere else on their body.

The results are simply amazing. They are so remarkable that TV crews have come to cinema the entirety of the procedure simply to show that there is no trickery involved! This is a major breakthrough compared to surgery: no scalpels are involved: surgery slasheds, enlarges, reduces, fills in or supplants; stem cells regenerate and restore, letting the look to transform naturally, and curves to reclaim their shape: the results are stunning and genuine. Magnificent! But what has this got to do with Jeunesse? As it is a strictly medical protocol, Jeunesse could not be involved. This is where these two men’s genius complement one another: Nathan brings out his secret weapon: soluble growing parts, and Randy his revolutionary conception: Luminesce! Luminesce is light; a radiant look thanks to soluble growing factors.

Dr Newman’s brilliant hypothesis was, rather than employing stem cells – living creatures which cannot be put into a cream – to use their derivatives: „signal“ molecules, messenger proteins produced by stem cells which will order skin cells to initiate the regeneration process. Randy Ray’s brilliant hypothesi was to build, based on principles of signal molecules, a coherent and effective line of products. Today, the Luminesce line boasts a selection 6 products strong, and is destined to grow further! Our serum is the Luminesce line’s flagship product, to which we dedicated a special episode.

If you want to learn more about it, watch chapter 8, which focuses on the serum. Our soap happened next: the Youth Restoring Cleanser: these 3 words explain it all: Youth, as it contains green tea, and a small amount of messenger proteins, those famous growing cells, which will transmit the signature „Luminesce“ look to your face. Restoring: thanks to Aloe Vera and vitamins A, C, and E, which will moisturize your look. Cleanser: thanks to alpha and beta hydroxy battery-acids which will gently detoxify your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and other impurities. Our period cream: the Daily Moisturizing Complex: Daily, as it must be used every day, seven days a week. Moisturizer, as it is essential to moisturize your skin during the day. This is made possible thanks to apple, watermelon and lentil extracts: these 3 extracts will slow down moisture loss through the epidermis.

We have added red algae extract which will provide an additional impediment to the loss of moisture. Complex: because this cream includes A vitamin complex especially formulated to nourish and protect your skin as well as a particularly stable shape of Vitamin C which serves to reduce the appearing of liver spots. A unique complex of soluble growing parts designed to assist skin cell regeneration An SPF of 30 to protect your skin from sun injury. Our night cream: Advanced Night Repair. Whereas the working day cream were concentrated in shielding and moisturizing your look, the night cream was designed to nourish your skin with all of the necessary parts for it to rebuild itself during the course of its night. The intracellular piercing process takes region at the nanometer scale.

It is made up of phospholipids: the same fatty battery-acids as those in the cellular tissue. Baicalin will slow down telomere abbreviating in skin cells and will promote brand-new cell growing. SOD (Super Oxyde Dismutase) is one of the stronger antioxidants, and will help restore DNA damage. Our hoisting disguise: the Ultimate Lifting Mask. A extremely effective disguise, which doubles as a lifting disguise! It’s the best! How can we manage to combine a mask’s exfoliating power with a cream’s lifting properties, and also hold these effects long after the disguise has been removed? Thanks to unique parts which, when mixed, can accomplish this accomplishment! Jeunesse has designed a three-dimensional matrix made of 3 parts: Chicory root, polysaccharides, and tara: an exotic plant from Peru.

This matrix constructs up the mask’s physical substantiate and helps to maintain hydration throughout its application. Additional beneficial effects are provided by the growing factor complex, a vitamin complex and a cucumber extract which will soften the skin Our form cream: Essential Body Renewal: This is the best of what scientists have to offer to its implementation of hydration and protection for your entire form: this is a super-charged period cream: SOD as an antioxidant, the „apple-lentil-watermelon“ complex to hold moisture, the growing factor complex to assist your cells, ardour fruit, elderberry and cucumber extracts to opposed cellular injury; and niacinamide which will increase ceramide and fatty acid make. A very rich cream, essential for your skin. Finally Luminesce: Unique Thanks to the soluble growing factor complex Also unique Thanks to the synergistic act of all our parts Uniquely designed for Jeunesse by one of the greatest innovators of root cell technology.

See you in the next chapter of the Luminesce series, Goodbye!!!.

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